Water Quality
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Water Quality Viewer Overview

The Water Quality Viewer is a mapping and data visualization tool for exploring drinking water quality data for community water systems (CWS) in California. A CWS is a type of public water system that serves at least 15 service connections used by yearlong residents or regularly serves at least 25 yearlong residents within the system's service area. Each dot on the map represents a CWS. The color of each dot represents the annual average or maximum concentration of an individual contaminant for a given year. 

The map and charts of the tool can be used to see how drinking water quality in California varies by location and over time for each contaminant:

Suggested Citation

Please use the following citation when using mapping results in reports or other materials:

Tracking California, Public Health Institute. Drinking Water Quality Viewer. Accessed from http://www.trackingcalifornia.org/water-quality/water-quality-viewer [Date Accessed].